soal dan kunci jawaban correlative conjunction

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contoh soal pilihan ganda dan essay correlative conjunction exercise dan kunci jawabannya brainly pdf

Berikut ini soal dan kunci jawaban tentang correlative conjunction. Anda bisa membaca setiap soal dan kunci jawaban supaya mengerti dan paham dengan materi correlative conjunction. Setiap jawaban dari soal bisa anda lihat pada bagian "kunci jawaban" dibawah. Terimakasih, Semoga bermanfaat.

soal dan kunci jawaban correlative conjunction

1.I have met ... his father and his mother.

a. either

b. both

c. neither

d. and

2.Neither Jack ... Clark are here.

a. nor

b. and

c. or

d. but also

3.I’ll buy either book ... magazine tomorrow.

a. or

b. and

c. nor

d. but also

4.He likes ... coffee nor tea.

a. both

b. neither

c. either

d. and

5.I’ll eat ... pancake or salad.

a. neither

b. either

c. but also

d. and

6.She is neither polite ... funny.

a. Or

b. Nor

c. Not

d. Yet

7.... that is the case, ... I’m not surprised about what’s happening.

a. If / then

b. No sooner / than

c. Scarcely / when

d. Whether / or

8.Have you made a decision about ... to go to the movies ... not?

a. If / then

b. Either / or

c. Whether / or

d. What with / and

9..... had I put my umbrella away, ... it started raining.

a. No sooner / than

b. If / then

c. What with / and

d. Neither / nor

10.This salad is ... delicious ... healthy.

a. Whether / or

b. Both / and

c. Scarcely / when

d. Rather / than

kunci jawaban

1. b. both

2. a. nor

3. a. or

4. b. neither

5. b. either

6. b. Nor

7. a. If / then

8. c. Whether / or

9. a. No sooner / than

10. b. Both / and

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