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Soal Adverb Clause

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Soal Adverb Clause dan kunci jawaban serta pembahasan dari soal un atau ujian nasional dan sbmptn untuk smp atau sma

Contoh soal adverb clause beserta jawaban nya bisa anda dapatkan seperti dibawah ini, silahkan baca dan pahami supaya anda paham tentang materi adverbial clause of condition tersebut. beberapa soal dibawah ini juga termasuk kumpulan model soal sbmptn, un atau ujian nasionaldari materi adverb clause.

 1. She could not finish her study in four years .......... she would have been entitled to a scholarship for further study.

A. Nevertheless

B. Moreover

C. Otherwise

D. However

E. Consequently

2. X : "Did he say anything to the police?"

Y : "Well, .......... he admitted breaking into the car, he denied sealing the tape."

A. Meanwhile

B. Even though

C. Because

D. As soon as

E. When

3. X : "What did your father say when you told him you had lost all your money?"

Y : "He was so angry ........ he couldn't say anything."

A. Therefore D. So

B. When E. After

C. That

4. The expensive treatment had been well researched; however, ..........

It made the patient feel well

It didn't cause discomfort

It was not very effective

It cured the patient effectively

It could comport the patient

5. ....... She likes him very much, she always pretends to ignore him.

A. Even though D. Because

B. However E. Since

C. Whereas

6. We were planning to open a new office in Surabaya ......... the economic crisis forced us to postpone it.

A. And D. For

B. So E. Or

C. But

7. X : "How were you doing in your exam?"

Y : "Not very well ...... I studied hard for it."

A. While D. Even though

B. Whenever E. Since

C. In spite of

8. ......... Andy seldom attends classes, he is always one of the best student in class.

A. Whenever D. If

B. Since E. Although

C. Because

9. I was late because I caught the wrong bus. It means I caught the wrong bus .......... I was late.

A. When D. So that

B. Although E. Since

C. But

10. ......... his good performance as a student, he always nervous when doing exams.

A. Even though D. Despite

B. Instead of E. Unless

C. Although

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