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Soal dan Kunci Jawaban News Item

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Soal dan Jawaban Materi News Item

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Six U.S. soldiers were killed by a blast north of Baghdad on Monday, the U.S. military said on Tuesday, in one of the single deadliest ground attacks against American forces in Iraq in months.

Three other soldiers were wounded after an explosion went off near their vehicles in the province of Salahaddin, the military said in a statement, without giving details. Salahaddin is a Sunni Arab insurgent stronghold.

More than 3,170 U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003.

Iraqi and U.S. forces are in the third week of a security crackdown in Baghdad aimed at stemming sectarian violence. U.S. military commanders have expressed concerns that insurgents could step up attacks outside Baghdad.

25. The text talks about ….

A. six U.S. soldiers killed by a blast

B. attacking against American

C. a blast north of Baghdad

D. a Sunni Arab insurgent

E. the U.S. military

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26. Which of the following statements is NOT mentioned in the text?

A. Insurgents could increase attacks outside Baghdad.

B. Three soldiers were wounded after an explosion went off.

C. The U.S invasion has caused more than 3,170 of its soldiers died.

D. Six, US, soldiers died due to a blast north of Baghdad on Monday.

E. Iraqi and U.S. forces are in the second week of a security crackdown in Baghdad.

27. Iraqi and U.S. forces are in the third week of a security crackdown in Baghdad aimed at stemming sectarian violence. (Paragraph3)

The underlined word means….

A. line

B. guard

C. attack

D. clean-up

E. protection

Kunci jawaban

25. B

26. E

27. B

Soal #2

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Brave Boy Found Alive

After Two Days at Sea

Feeling no fear, a five-year-old boy spent two days floating at sea on a mattress in a bid to survive from the effects of the tsunami that killed thousands of people from his town and was reunited with his family on Thursday.

He cried as he rushed to his parents, older brother and younger sister at a refugee camp in Meulaboh, his hometown of 40,000 people in Aceh that was one of the hardest hit in Sunday’s disaster.

 Wira later calmly recounted to reporters the amazing events that brought him back to his family, a rare tale of happiness in the devastated province on the island of Sumatra that has seen nearly 80,000 people killed by the flooding.

Nursing only a gash to his left leg, Wira said he was playing with his brother and sister near his home when the waters rushed through.

According to Antara news agency, Wira said he held on to various floating pieces of wood while being swept away.

“I was not afraid because I am used to the sea.” Wira said while massaging his wounded leg.

“As I was still holding to a door, the mattress came by so I decided to climb on it. I was not afraid, but I was cold.”

Wira said he spent two days out at sea until he was found by fisherman on the look out for bodies off coast of Meulaboh. –AFP

Adapted from The Jakarta Post, 31 December 2004

1.The type of the text is …




d.News item


2.Who found the boy at the sea?

a. a soldier

b. a fisherman

c. his brother and sister

d. his parents

e. his family

3.What is the main idea of six paragraph?

a. A five-year-old boy spent two days floating at sea

b. He was playing with his brother and sister when water rushed through

c. Wira was found by fisherman

d. Wira was holding to a door

e. Wira was not afraid because he is used to the sea

Text 7 : This text is for questions no. 25 to 27.

Fires rage across four Australian states

MELBOURNE, Jan 22 (UPI) – Fire authorities in four Australian states are to control bushfires fanned by strong winds and searing temperatures.

The Australian reported Sunday that blazes continued to burn in South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and Victoria, where up to six homes have been destroyed. In South Australia, much of Adelaide is engulfed in thick smoke. The firefighters who are confronted by blast-furnace winds try to bring the flames under control.

At Robertstown in the state’s mid-north, more than 2,500 acres have already burned. Another bushfire, started by lightning, charred the earth near mouth Flat on the southern side of Kangoroo Island, while Ngarkat Conservation Park, in the state’s upper-southeast, is also a blaze.

A 7,500-acres fire at mount Agnew inZeehan, in the state’s west, broke containment lines Saturday afternoon, jumping a road and coming close to homes.

The most serious fires were in Victoria, where up six homes were destroyed by a fire near the town of Anakie, 36 miles west of Melbourne.

In Tasmania, falling temperatures and patchy rain brought some relief to firefighters, who continued to monitor 22 blazes across the state.

4.What is the text about?

a.Fires in some areas of Australia

b.Weather effect on fire

c.The effects of fires

d.The danger of fire

e.The cause of fire

5.The reporter most likely got the information from…

a. Visitor


c. Commuters

d.Fire fighters

e. Homeless people

6.“ ….., while Ngarkat Conservation Park, in the state’s upper-southeast, is also a blaze (Paragraph 3)

What do the underlined words mean?


b.On fire



e.At risk

Tornado Wreaks Havoc in Semarang

Residents assess the damage after a tornado damages 150 houses in the district of Tembalag in Semarang, Central Java late on Saturday afternoon.

Three people were injured and at least five of the houses in the Sendangguwo and Tandang neighborhoods were destroyed, while many others were seriously damaged as the tornado ripped off their roofs. Thoirin aka Jayeng, 40, a resident whose house was leveled at the Sendang Asri housing complex, said the winds hit about 4 p.m.

“I saw this black wind coming and becoming pointed into a funnel. It suddenly approached and hit my house,” he said.

Tohirin’s wife, two children and mother-in law were in the kitchen at the time when the tornado known locally as “Ulur-ulur” passed over their home, destroying the guest and bedrooms.

“It was as if the wind had lifted my home up,” Thoirin said.

The disaster also destroyed the walls of four neighboring houses.

Many other homes in the area lost their roofs and residents and neighbors had started rebuilding on Sunday.

Tembalang district head Dayat said the tornado also damaged a small mosque and felled power lines and about 50 trees. His office was still collecting data on the damage, he said.

Villagers said the tornado was the worst to hit the district in living memory.

Semarang Mayor Sukawi Sutarip and his wife, Sinto Sukawi, visited the scene on Sunday, accompanied by senior officials.

“We will provide the victims with assistance immediately,” the mayoral spokesman Achyani said.

Taken from The Jakarta Post, December 20, 2004

7.How many houses were destroyed by the tornado in the Sendangguwo and Tandang neighborhoods?

a. less than five houses

b. more than ten houses

c.  five houses or more

d. exactly five houses

e.  three houses

8.The tornado hit the district ______.

a. at dawn

b. in the morning

c. in the afternoon

d. in the evening

e. at midnight

9.Which parts of Tohirin’s house were destroyed?

a. the kitchen and guestroom

b. the guest rooms and the bathroom

c. the bedrooms and the kitchen

d. the guest and bedrooms

e. the livingroom and the bedrooms

10.  Who rebuilt the damaged homes?

a. the residents

b. the residents and neighbors

c. the Tembalang District head

d. the mayor of Semarang

e. the mayoral spokesman

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